Jack & Meg

on Saturday, June 09, 2007
The White Stripes are one of the rare contemporary bands that I care about. Their latest album "Icky Thump" is going to be released in ten days, and I've been listening to an advance copy since Thursday. Well, what to say... it's another killer album for Jack & Meg! Perhaps it's not so immediately likeable on the first encounter, in comparison to "Elephant" or "De Stijl", but it's a really strong work that needs several listens in order to be fully appreciated.

Now, here's the obligatory caricature... and I'm not quite satisfied with one half of it. Meg was very easy, and I just cleaned-up and inked the first pencil sketch attempt that originally took barely 30 seconds to complete. On the other hand, Jack White is a tough SOB to draw and I spent lot of time on him, without getting any acceptable result. The fact that he looks different on every photo isn't very helpful either. Here's the revised version, compared to one I put two days ago. Jack still looks far from perfect, and I might make some further changes later (especially with hair and head shape).


Arschblog said...

To me they looks great! I wish I could draw caricatures like that!
It always make fun to look at your caricatures!:)

Hammerson said...

Thanks Steffi, your comments are always encouraging! I'm very satisfied with one half of the picture, and just need to make the other character look equally good. You'll notice the difference when I post the updated version in two or three days. Also, one of the caricatures you requested will be here, hopefully by the next weekend. You're going to love it :-) It's again crazy situation at work, and I can't predict when I'll have time to draw or finish some incomplete pictures.

Clinton said...

Your caricatures look great! How do you trace your sketches? Illustrator?

Hammerson said...

>> Your caricatures look great! How do you trace your sketches? Illustrator? <<

Thanks, I'm glad you like them! I don't trace these drawings - they are inked on paper and scanned, so they're in bitmap instead of vector format. All the coloring and additional editing has been done in Photoshop. I haven't worked in Illustrator yet, and I plan to learn it soon.

Anonymous said...

I find that my favorite White Stripes album is Elephant.

Great picture, Hammerson! What did you use to ink this?