Une vrai merde!!!

on Thursday, February 15, 2007
You thought that Hammerson draws only nice comics with funny little bunnies, birdies & bees, flowers and all that silly crap? You're wrong! He's doing also some absolutely filthy, pornographic and deeply offensive stuff, like this one for example. It's gross, stupid and immature! Not suitable for children! Nice use of color with few good poses could be its only virtue in the ocean of vices.
Hammerson is taking this opportunity to apologize to all the French visitors for the defamation of their national culture on these four pages. It wasn't intentional, it could be anybody else instead. I was learning little bit of French few years ago, and thought it would be fun to apply it into some comic, so this is the result. Please excuse moi my dear femmes and hommes.

OK, that was the standard disclaimer. Now, check it out. It's a masterpiece ;-)


Pedro Vargas said...

So cool! I can almost see this animated.