Drugs Hell

on Friday, February 09, 2007
Ho-hum... here's an anti-drug comic made two and a half years ago, for a competition. Lot of anti-drug propaganda fails because of the message presented in a banal, preachy and forcefully didactic way. Perhaps this subject can't be addressed differently, anyway. I tried to have some fun with it, and make the propaganda entertaining (in a darkly humorous way), and somewhat ambiguous. The result is a mixed bag... I like the artwork, but in general I'm not too thrilled with this comic as a whole. Most interesting aspect is the ending that can be interpreted in two ways (literally, or as a drug-induced hallucination).
What's the main message of this story? Is there some hidden nugget of infinite wisdom? Well, how about this: "Say NO to drugs, say YES to Hammerson" :-) Hmm, sounds good. I must put that on a T-shirt.
And I almost forget, the main hero is called mr.Z, and he will return, just like James Bond. You'll see some of his brutal and uncompromising adventures here, in the near future.

Click on the picture to see the original version in Croatian, or click HERE for the English version.


Dela said...

Say no to drugs ,say yes to beer.
Nice page.

Hammerson said...

Yeah! :-)