on Wednesday, February 28, 2007
I've been really sick recently, so the updates are going to be slower than usual, until the full recovery. Here's a quick pencil sketch, just to stay in form. It's done without photo reference, and I plan to improve it later, and put an inked version. Anyway, as you all know, Marty finally got an Oscar after so many years. And I'm really glad, though it's a pity he haven't received it for his better and more personal works back in the '70s and '80s (though I find "The Departed" to be really good and enjoyable movie). So here's a small tribute to this great filmmaker, one of my all-time favorites:

Martin Scorsese caricature

Kirk and Mike

on Saturday, February 17, 2007
Here's Kirk...

... and this is Mike.

Une vrai merde!!!

on Thursday, February 15, 2007
You thought that Hammerson draws only nice comics with funny little bunnies, birdies & bees, flowers and all that silly crap? You're wrong! He's doing also some absolutely filthy, pornographic and deeply offensive stuff, like this one for example. It's gross, stupid and immature! Not suitable for children! Nice use of color with few good poses could be its only virtue in the ocean of vices.
Hammerson is taking this opportunity to apologize to all the French visitors for the defamation of their national culture on these four pages. It wasn't intentional, it could be anybody else instead. I was learning little bit of French few years ago, and thought it would be fun to apply it into some comic, so this is the result. Please excuse moi my dear femmes and hommes.

OK, that was the standard disclaimer. Now, check it out. It's a masterpiece ;-)

Drugs Hell

on Friday, February 09, 2007
Ho-hum... here's an anti-drug comic made two and a half years ago, for a competition. Lot of anti-drug propaganda fails because of the message presented in a banal, preachy and forcefully didactic way. Perhaps this subject can't be addressed differently, anyway. I tried to have some fun with it, and make the propaganda entertaining (in a darkly humorous way), and somewhat ambiguous. The result is a mixed bag... I like the artwork, but in general I'm not too thrilled with this comic as a whole. Most interesting aspect is the ending that can be interpreted in two ways (literally, or as a drug-induced hallucination).
What's the main message of this story? Is there some hidden nugget of infinite wisdom? Well, how about this: "Say NO to drugs, say YES to Hammerson" :-) Hmm, sounds good. I must put that on a T-shirt.
And I almost forget, the main hero is called mr.Z, and he will return, just like James Bond. You'll see some of his brutal and uncompromising adventures here, in the near future.

Click on the picture to see the original version in Croatian, or click HERE for the English version.

The Adventures of Branko Stoka

on Saturday, February 03, 2007
This is a small preview of an epic 50-page comic book, currently in preparation by yours truly. 15 pages have been done until now, so the whole damned thing is far from being completed. I'll keep you occasionally informed about the progress, and put few more panels as a teaser.

These are two pages in Croatian (pages no.4 and 5 to be precise). Maybe I'll put the English versions later, though it's not too hard to get the basic idea even without knowing the language. The whole comic will be told mostly in pantomime, without lot of dialogue, just symbols and semi-coherent mumblings. The only exception being the silly little rapper who appears at the most unexpected places, as some kind of Greek Chorus.
The main hero, Branko Stoka (or Brando Stokes in English, pity that you lose a joke in translation) is based on a real person! Used without permission, but he probably won't object too much... it's somebody I knew in the early 90s. It's not the first time that he appears in my comics.

What happens next? You'll find out... one day ;-)