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on Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Here's some really ancient crap... from 1999, can you believe it? Lot of people seem to like this one. It even won the first prize for the best short comic at some competition. Today, it still looks OK to me. The drawing and color ain't too bad, especially considering it was one of my first serious attempts at coloring comics with computer. Today, I would surely use less garish colors.
Click on the picture to see the original version in Croatian, or click HERE to read it in English.

Ne zaboravite: Hammersonov strip album možete nabaviti u u strip-knjižarama More Comics (Frane Petrića 5, Zagreb) i Utopia (Dosud 10, Split). Opširnije informacije o albumu, naći ćete ovdje


benj said...

Nice job!
I even like the colors...:P

The panel with the cola machine falling on the guy is AWESOME!

The color is perfect "the red & yellow" wall and "the green & bluewish" machine make the perfect match!

I know these are primary colors, but I think it fits really well with the mood of the comic... I dont know it reminds me of super mouse or some punk/rock n' roll poster.

keep it up!!
(I just discovered your "HammersonLand" blog and it rocks)


Hammerson said...

Hi Benj, thanks for the kind words! I remember your artwork from the Drawing Board forum. Also, you got cool blogs, especially the one with the John K./Preston Blair drawing lessons.
I completely forgot to put the English translation of this comic, and I promise to do it next week.