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on Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Here's another tribute... to one of the greatest rock bands in history. I used to be a huge fan years ago, and still have the great respect for those guys. Here are three of them, and it probably won't be too hard to guess what's the name of the band in question. Check back this post in the following few days, as I intend to add the remaining two members.

pink floyd caricature - richard wright

pink floyd caricature - roger waters

pink floyd caricature - dave gilmour


Patrick said...

Floyd....Animals is my all time favorite CD...whoops, almost said album...damn im gettin old

M.Pheuz said...

UMMAGUMMA is the bomb

Kali Fontecchio said...


globinjo said...

svaka čast na karikaturama!

Hammerson said...

Patrick: don't worry... since it was originally released many years before the CD's, it can be called "album" without any hesitation. I miss the vinyl days.
I'll add the last two Floyd members this, or next week.

m.pheuz: yeah, it's a real classic, particularly the live disc. The studio part of UMMAGUMMA is also great, and very effective when you want to get rid of unwanted guests :-) In this respect, it's almost as effective as Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica" :-)

Kali: yes, it's him. I made him really ugly, don't know why. Have you ever seen Gerald Scarfe's caricatures of Pink Floyd members? I've seen an incredible one from the mid-'70s, where he made them look barely human.

Globinjo: Hvala, majstore! Jos fale Nick i Syd, njih cu dodati ovog ili iduceg tjedna.

Mega said...

nice work dude! man, your style is so perfect!

hey, i was meaning to ask you this:

im throwing down an art show here in vancouver, im trying to get over 40 artists. the show is called FOURTY, and it involves 40 artists painting 40 oz malt liquor bottles. so far i have about 22 people, and i just wanted to know if youd be down for this. its pretty much up to you for what you put on it, but it has to be a malt liquor bottle.

if you want in, just shoot me an email, ill sign you up. its going to be tons of fun!

great work again hammerman

Hammerson said...

Mega: while I probably won't be able to participate, the idea is really cool. Do you mean painting on the bottles, or making the painted labels for the bottles? Also, do the artists have to empty the content of the bottle first, and then attempt to paint :-)
I'll e-mail you later today.