Hello Bing, how's your brother?

on Saturday, October 28, 2006
This is just a tribute, to the greatest comic book in the world! Well, maybe not THE greatest, but a really good one neverthenless. At least, it was good during its heyday (the first 7 years approximately), with a long painful decline in quality afterwards. Too bad that most people never had a chance to get familiar with this comic. You see, it's well known only in Italy (its country of origin), and Croatia or any part of ex-Yugoslavia, where it enjoyed a sensational success for the last 34 years. While I certainly don't have to introduce the characters to any visitors from those countries, here are some articles in English that will fill that task for anybody else who's interested to know more:

Alan Ford Wikipedia article
Alan Ford: Big in the Balkans
Pictures of the main characters

I haven't tried to draw these bastards since the high school, so please excuse any inaccuracies and clumsy bits... I'm not very satisfied with the way I drew few characters on this picture. Also, for some odd reason, this drawing looks much better in the original, than in scanned version.

The main reason for this tribute is the fact that the co-author of "Alan Ford", writer Max Bunker (Luciano Secchi) is going to be the special guest at the comics convention here in Croatia, next month. Sadly, Roberto Raviola (a.k.a. Magnus), the formidable artist responsible for the first 75 episodes of "Alan Ford" passed away in 1996. leaving after him the large quantity of brilliant work in many different genres.


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Dela said...

Alan Ford forever !