Caricatures 10

on Thursday, September 21, 2006
They're rich, you're not! Can you guess their names? Let's see some comments.

This is the 80-million dollar man. The visitors from US might have difficulties to recognize him... he never really made it in the States, but he's a big star in the rest of the world. Whether it's the bigger loss for the US, or the rest of the world, it's open for the debate...

And here's the zillion dollar woman.

Greetings to visitors from the outer space! We are the most beautiful people on planet Earth.

He's the most perfect creature in the whole universe. An OT-Level VIII, you know! He's got supernatural powers. He can levitate, walk through the walls, walk on the water, jump on the couch... and also send migraine and negative energy to all the nasty cartoonists who dared to draw shameful undignified pictures of his Highness.
NOTE: I'm not too satisfied with this picture. I made it a month ago, and it could have been better, with stronger likeness. It's here because of popular demand. Everybody loves to laugh at this guy :-)

I Yam What I Yam

on Sunday, September 17, 2006
Here's another birthday card, this time for Gordan Calma, a friend and one of the world's biggest fans of a certain spinach-eating one-eyed sailor-man.

© Popeye, Olive Oyl and Swee'Pea are properties of King Features Syndicate and the Hearst Corporation

Take a look at Gordan's superb web site dedicated to Popeye , with the main focus on the legendary Popeye cartoons from the '30s and early '40s produced by Max & Dave Fleischer.

And speaking of classic cartoons, my friend Andrea Ippoliti (also known as Duck Dodgers) has a fantastic blog dedicated to the golden age of animation . His blog contains a huge archive of screenshots and posts about cartoons from the period between late '20s and early '60s, with occasional articles about more recent stuff too. Many rare, impossible to find, or even banned cartoons are presented there with the large number of high quality screenshots. I collaborated with Andrea in various occasions (also did a caricature of him) and since the beginning of September, I became a team member on his blog.

Birthday Girl

on Tuesday, September 12, 2006
This is a drawing for Katie Rice, a cartoonist of extraordinary talent who's celebrating her birthday today.

It's Mickey!!!

on Saturday, September 02, 2006
Here's one of the most beloved and iconic characters of the last century...

Of course, you all remember that classic opening of the MM cartoons, with the giant Mickey head looking cheerful and smiling at the audience. Now, imagine for a moment what would happen if you were greeted with something like this...

Try to imagine what kind of cartoon would follow after this shabby creature from hell hit the screen. He's looking rather miserable here, almost like he's been subjected to some unspeakable atrocities, or indulged in the vilest vices known to man/mouse-kind. This horrible Bizarro-Mickey is my entry for the project called "Everybody needs to draw Mickey once" . It's a funny idea and a nice initiative, presented at this web-site . Just click on the link and take a look. You can vote for your favorites or perhaps send your own Mickey. So far there are 217 entries, and the number is increasing every day. So take a pencil (or even mouse) in your hand and draw a Mickey, at least once in your life.