The insane clown

on Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This will be the last update for some time. I'm going to vacation soon, and the regular activity on this blog will resume by the end of this month. Perhaps I'll add an update or two before that, but nothing is guaranteed. However, I'll be able to read and respond to your comments and e-mail messages, so don't hesitate to write if you have something to say. There are going to be many new surprises on HammersonLand starting from the late August, including a sneak peek at a secret project I'm working on for some time.


Mega said...

wow, this is a great site! these charicatures are priceless! ill be watching this one for sure

Hammerson said...


Hammerson said...

Mike, I just visited your blog... it's superb. Really impressive stuff! I will add the link to it later today.