Caricatures 8

on Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Here are the last two pictures for this month. I'm on vacation, and the blog is not going to be updated for the next couple of weeks (this time for real). What I need now is your feedback. First, try to identify these two personalites pictured below. I won't give any hint, just try to recognize them from the caricatures. Also, give some comments about the blog in general, what you like, what you want to see more of, etc. I'm especially interested in your opinion about the caricatures, are they well done and recognizable, or embarrassingly bad, should I continue doing them or stop completely. Lot of people have visited this blog, but very few of them wrote any comments so far, and I would like to hear as many honest opinions as possible. I will be able to read the comments during the vacation and eventually respond.
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

i've no problems whatsoever to recognise real persons from this drawings no matter what some visitors claim
this is obviously Johnny Depp on first picture...
only maybe he's wearing a bit too small hat for his head...was that made intentionally?

Arschblog said...

All your caricatures are great! When I try it it looks bad.
I like your comics very much! My favourite comics are "the insane clown" and "Gluperman"! I like the "Venus" drawing very much too! :D

Danne8a said...

Dude, your drawings are spot on!
Love it!
I Wish I had that zappa drawing on a T-shirt!

Hammerson said...

Anonymous, thanks! Yes, it's Johnny Depp.

Steffi: thanks for the kind words.
Regarding that "Venus" drawing, I might rework it little bit next month. Very often when I draw girls, the poses are somewhat awkward and lack the natural balance. I will work hard to correct that in the future. You don't have any of these problems in your drawings. They're excellent! Also few caricatures you posted on your blog are really good.

danne8a: thanks a lot! If you have the ability to print the drawing on a T-shirt, I will send you the high resolution file. You can contact me using the e-mail on my profile.