Caricatures 6

on Sunday, August 06, 2006
Yeah, I know... I promised to make no updates until the end of this month, but due to some unexpected circumstances, my vacation has been postponed for the next week. So, here are the portraits of some of the most beautiful Hollywood movie-stars :-)
Can you guess their names? I will add more pictures in the following days.

And be sure to visit Grigor Eftimov's blog . This guy is unbelievable, he made some of the greatest and most original portrait caricatures I've ever seen, and also he's an amazingly good realistic painter. I saw his work yesterday for the first time, and it inspired me to make these new caricatures.


Kali Fontecchio said...

Holy Crap- their faces made me cringe.....good job!

Hammerson said...

Thanks! I just added another face that will surely induce the same effect :-)