This is the end, my imaginary friend

on Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Click on the picture to see the bigger version. Warning: it's a large file (about 570K).
And please excuse my not so perfect English. If I made any grammatical mistakes in this comic, let me know and I'll add the necessary corrections.

Mali podsjetnik: Hammersonov strip album možete nabaviti u u strip-knjižarama More Comics (Frane Petrića 5, Zagreb) i Utopia (Dosud 10, Split) ili direktno od autora.
Sve opširnije informacije i dodatne razloge za kupovinu, naći ćete ovdje

Caricatures 9

on Sunday, August 27, 2006
Well, I'm back from the vacation. Anybody missed me? No? Who cares, here's the first update after the two weeks absence. Again, these are some Hollywood personalities. Try to identify them and write a comment. These drawings are perhaps not as crazy or exaggerated as I would prefer, but I think I achieved here a very solid likeness with the real people.

Caricatures 8

on Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Here are the last two pictures for this month. I'm on vacation, and the blog is not going to be updated for the next couple of weeks (this time for real). What I need now is your feedback. First, try to identify these two personalites pictured below. I won't give any hint, just try to recognize them from the caricatures. Also, give some comments about the blog in general, what you like, what you want to see more of, etc. I'm especially interested in your opinion about the caricatures, are they well done and recognizable, or embarrassingly bad, should I continue doing them or stop completely. Lot of people have visited this blog, but very few of them wrote any comments so far, and I would like to hear as many honest opinions as possible. I will be able to read the comments during the vacation and eventually respond.
Thank you!

Caricatures 7

on Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Here are more caricatures of the Hollywood movie stars.

They called her "Pretty Woman"...

She's pretty too. And really difficult to draw. It's especially hard to draw her eyes and mouth without giving her a very mean expression that immediately ruins the similarity. This attempt looks OK, though it could be better. Maybe next time...

There's something irritating about this guy's appearance. Don't you want to punch him in the face? Not a bad actor, though.

The same guy, in his recent, more "mature" image. He's pictured together with his great buddy. That other guy was rather hard to draw, because of his bland and rather expressionless face. I hope he's recognizable enough here.

Everybody's favorite Hollywood weirdo in two completely different versions. Which one do you prefer? Can you recognize him at all? Am I soon going to receive a nasty phone call from his lawyers?

Another very popular actor... shares the same wacky religion with the guy above.

Caricatures 6

on Sunday, August 06, 2006
Yeah, I know... I promised to make no updates until the end of this month, but due to some unexpected circumstances, my vacation has been postponed for the next week. So, here are the portraits of some of the most beautiful Hollywood movie-stars :-)
Can you guess their names? I will add more pictures in the following days.

And be sure to visit Grigor Eftimov's blog . This guy is unbelievable, he made some of the greatest and most original portrait caricatures I've ever seen, and also he's an amazingly good realistic painter. I saw his work yesterday for the first time, and it inspired me to make these new caricatures.

The insane clown

on Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This will be the last update for some time. I'm going to vacation soon, and the regular activity on this blog will resume by the end of this month. Perhaps I'll add an update or two before that, but nothing is guaranteed. However, I'll be able to read and respond to your comments and e-mail messages, so don't hesitate to write if you have something to say. There are going to be many new surprises on HammersonLand starting from the late August, including a sneak peek at a secret project I'm working on for some time.