on Wednesday, June 14, 2006
While I usually don't have a problem inventing and creating various cartoony character designs, drawing a real person (a live model or photograph) has always caused the big difficulties. In fact, and I'm ashamed to admit this, drawing anything that closely resembles a real human head is still an enormous challenge to me. So, my New Year's resolution for 2006. was to learn the art of drawing caricatures and semi-realistic portraits. The results are going to be posted on this blog, occasionally, just for laugh.

My big inspiration for this has been the amazing work of Ren & Stimpy creator John K. who regularly features the celebrity portraits and caricatures on his blog. For example, take a look at his hilarious desecration of Tom Cruise and his spouse

According to John, the two main goals for a successful caricature portrait are:
a) to make the drawing look like a person
b) to be funny

I'm trying to achieve both goals, yet these first attempts done several months ago are perhaps more realistic than grotesque, and not pushed as far as I would like. At first, there was a certain sense of uneasiness when doing the portraits of the people I respect or know personally. Because of that, I decided to use our politicians as the main subjects for my first drawing experiments
So, here they are... (click on each picture to see the large version)

A really funny subject to draw... she's a living caricature anyway.
I messed up the drawing on the left, but the other one turned out just fine:

Those of you outside Croatia will probably have hard time recognizing any of the faces, and I might post links to some photo reference later. Anyway, consider yourself lucky for not knowing them...

Make a comment if you can guess who they are. Unless I failed miserably, they should all be easily recognizable.

I'll post more of this stuff later.


Rico said...

Hehehehehe, sve sam ih prepoznao, naravno, sve vrli političari redom. Nego, nisi se baš često karikaturom(klasičnom) bavio?! Više stripom, ako sam u pravu?
Ajde, živija!

Hammerson said...

Pozdrav, majstore!
U pravu si, nisam se često bavio karikaturom, zapravo nisam s takvim radovima do sada izlazio u javnost. Tek sam ove godine malo više zagrizao za karikaturu i trenutno sam još u fazi učenja. Stoga su ovo sve skice i crteži s olovkom, bez nekog posebnog finiša i dorade. Stavit ću na blog još takvih karikatura i portreta, a pripremam i radikalnija izdanja naših omiljenih političara. Neke od tih novih crteža me strah objaviti :-)