Caricatures 2

on Monday, June 26, 2006
Here are some new caricatures. Couple of pictures are inked, while the others are rough pencil drawings. Can you recognize these people? Write their names in the comment.

One of my all-time favorite actors. It's by far the best picture in this bunch.
Despite having some very characteristic facial features, he's rather tough subject to draw, and it took several unsuccessful attempts until the picture became instantly recognizable. I tried with the realistic approach first, and whenever I followed faithfully the proportions, the result was rather bland and not recognizable at all. Only after increasing the distance between the eyes in an unnatural way, the drawing suddenly took the familiar form. It's fascinating how the greater similarity with the subject can be achieved through the exaggeration. After all, it is the basic principle of the caricature.


Duck Dodgers said...

The first two are prince Charle and Mel Gibson ( ah, ah..this is hilarious!).

Hammerson said...

That's correct :-)
Now how about the other two pictures? You should recognize the fourth one without the problem. The third picture... well, I put one version yesterday and thought it looked really bad so I replaced it with another drawing of the same person. I absolutely hate this new drawing too, so I might put yet another one later. Still, try to guess who it is.

Anonymous said...

Robert Mitchum found it's place also ...last but not list

Anonymous said...

should've written least scuse me guys
the guy before mitchum could be burt lancaster perhaps?

Hammerson said...

No, it's not Burt Lancaster, but I might try to draw him in some near future. This guy is also a movie actor, of much younger generation.
Hint: it's the uglier half of the currently popular "most beautiful couple in the world"
Now it's too easy to guess.

Anonymous said...

he was my first choice but i said :NAY HE COULDN'T BE IN MITCHUM'S COMPANY. Obviously he was.
Do you do wishes....? I would like very much of you to try doing a favourite actor of mine: James Mason - in DESERT FOX settings

Rico said...

Ma oni mali je muž od Andže Džolić, male od Đoke Vojtića iz Pribuda, niže izvora od Čikole, više Pekića Lise...Znaš oni šta vozi okaša?!

Hammerson said...

> Ma oni mali je muž od Andže
> Džolić

He he, tocan pogodak :-)

Hammerson said...

>Do you do wishes....? I would
>like very much of you to try
>doing a favourite actor of mine:
>James Mason - in DESERT FOX

James Mason is not an easy face to caricature, but I'll try.

Rommel said...

thnx for Mason...
and to use this oportunity Chabrol's film weive talked about (the one with Welles) is TEN DAYS WONDER (didn't opened it yet so have no idea of French Title if there's any)

Nick Sweet said...

Are the bottom two Brad Pitt and Dean Martin?

Hammerson said...

>> Are the bottom two Brad Pitt and Dean Martin? <<

Brad Pitt and Robert Mitchum. However, that Mitchum drawing looks little bit like Dean Martin, too. The eyes and expression are pure Mitchum, yet some details (hair perhaps) does remind of Martin.

Nick Sweet said...

It's a combination of the left crooked eyebrow, me not reading the previous comments...and my obsession with the ratpack.

Groovy Stuff, though.