Blast From The Past

on Thursday, June 29, 2006
You will probably think that's a crazy name for a slightly futuristic drawing like this. However, it might be my most ancient drawing that I'm going to present on this blog, ever. I'm usually ashamed to show my older works (actually anything drawn before 1999.) and here's a rare exception:

It's an unpublished illustration made nearly ten years ago, originally intended as the cover for a Science Fiction fanzine. It's not bad at all. It's not incredibly competent either, but has some interesting qualities. If nothing else, I had more patience drawing small details back in the 1997.

Gluperman #1

on Wednesday, June 28, 2006
The highly incompetent superhero in action!

Caricatures 2

on Monday, June 26, 2006
Here are some new caricatures. Couple of pictures are inked, while the others are rough pencil drawings. Can you recognize these people? Write their names in the comment.

One of my all-time favorite actors. It's by far the best picture in this bunch.
Despite having some very characteristic facial features, he's rather tough subject to draw, and it took several unsuccessful attempts until the picture became instantly recognizable. I tried with the realistic approach first, and whenever I followed faithfully the proportions, the result was rather bland and not recognizable at all. Only after increasing the distance between the eyes in an unnatural way, the drawing suddenly took the familiar form. It's fascinating how the greater similarity with the subject can be achieved through the exaggeration. After all, it is the basic principle of the caricature.

The Horror! The Horror!

on Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Smartest Pig

on Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Book of Hammerson

on Sunday, June 18, 2006
A shameless self-promotion!
Thanks to the great progress of science, I will present this commercial in the bilingual form.

Senzacija! Novi strip album na našem tržištu!
"Hammersonovi najveći uspjesi 1999-2005" su obavezno štivo za sve istinske ljubitelje devete umjetnosti!
92 stranice (24 u boji)! Vrhunski stripovi! Kvalitetan tisak!

Sensational! The new comic book has hit the market.
The greatest hits of Hammerson (1999-2005), is an obligatory reading for all true fans of this wonderful and despised art form.
92 pages (24 in glorious technicolor)! Top class comics, high quality print!

Oborit će vas s nogu...
This book will knock you off your feet...

make you happy...

baciti u najcrnje ponore depresije...
make you sad...

izazvati nekontrolirani bijes...
make you angry...

i kompleksne emocije koje je teško opisati riječima!
and make you feel the complex emotions that cannot be described by words

Idealan poklon za svaku prigodu!
Flowers and candy are for wimps! This book is the ideal gift for every occasion

Oni znaju što je dobro... kupili su svoj primjerak knjige.
They appreciate the fine quality things in life. They bought "The Book of Hammerson" razliku od njih.
...unlike those poor souls

Zato požurite i rezervirajte Hammersonov album
Hurry up and order your copy

...dok još nije kasno! Život je kratak, a naklada ograničena!
... before it's too late! This is a limited edition (just like your life)

Prije pet minuta, pročitala je svoj primjerak albuma s posvetom. Iskustvo koje se pamti!
Five minutes ago, she finished reading her copy of the book with special dedication, for the first time! An experience she'll never forget!

Cijena? Pih sitnica, samo 75 kn (+ troškovi slanja)
Hammerson misli na vas... uzvratite mu ljubav i naručite bar 2 primjerka odjednom. On će osobno potpisati vašu knjigu, a možda dodati i par crteža ukoliko ga lijepo zamolite. Zamislite koliku će vrijednost potpisani primjerak dostići za 20 godina!
What's the price, dude? See the special note below.
Hammerson loves you... give back some love to him and order at least two copies. He'll sign your book, and if you kindly ask, maybe add some exclusive drawings. Just think for what price you can sell it on the e-Bay in 20 years.

Narudžbe, pitanja, ponude za sponzoriranje, bračne ponude* i nemoralne ponude*, šaljite na e-mail:
dragan.kovacevic AT gmail DOT com
Knjigu možete naručiti i u strip-knjižarama More Comics (Frane Petrića 5, Zagreb) i Utopia (Dosud 10, Split).

Send your orders, questions, sponsorship proposals, indecent proposals* and marriage proposals* to:
dragan.kovacevic AT gmail DOT com

(replace AT and DOT with corresponding characters. Death to spammers!)
* - valid only for the members of the opposite sex.

An explanation for English speaking visitors wondering what the hell was all this about... It's just a simple commercial for my own comic book anthology, a self-published collection of greatest hits (and some misses) from the last seven years. It contains 92 pages of comics, mostly short stories ranging from one to eleven pages. A pretty good and enjoyable reading. However, it is in Croatian, but half of these comics have no dialogue anyway.
Sadly, this God-forsaken land is not fully supported by Paypal (I can't receive money that way), so I don't know how to handle the foreign orders at the moment. Still, if you're very interested to get this book, contact me and we can perhaps arrange something.
E-mail is: dragan.kovacevic AT gmail DOT com


on Wednesday, June 14, 2006
While I usually don't have a problem inventing and creating various cartoony character designs, drawing a real person (a live model or photograph) has always caused the big difficulties. In fact, and I'm ashamed to admit this, drawing anything that closely resembles a real human head is still an enormous challenge to me. So, my New Year's resolution for 2006. was to learn the art of drawing caricatures and semi-realistic portraits. The results are going to be posted on this blog, occasionally, just for laugh.

My big inspiration for this has been the amazing work of Ren & Stimpy creator John K. who regularly features the celebrity portraits and caricatures on his blog. For example, take a look at his hilarious desecration of Tom Cruise and his spouse

According to John, the two main goals for a successful caricature portrait are:
a) to make the drawing look like a person
b) to be funny

I'm trying to achieve both goals, yet these first attempts done several months ago are perhaps more realistic than grotesque, and not pushed as far as I would like. At first, there was a certain sense of uneasiness when doing the portraits of the people I respect or know personally. Because of that, I decided to use our politicians as the main subjects for my first drawing experiments
So, here they are... (click on each picture to see the large version)

A really funny subject to draw... she's a living caricature anyway.
I messed up the drawing on the left, but the other one turned out just fine:

Those of you outside Croatia will probably have hard time recognizing any of the faces, and I might post links to some photo reference later. Anyway, consider yourself lucky for not knowing them...

Make a comment if you can guess who they are. Unless I failed miserably, they should all be easily recognizable.

I'll post more of this stuff later.

Ugly faces

on Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Just a bunch of recent rough pencil sketches and doodles... some of them were done during the long and boring telephone conversations, others just served as an warm up before more "serious" drawing sessions. While imperfect, these doodles often have more energy and spontaneity compared to the polished drawings, probably because they were done without pressure and without thinking about the final result. I might use many of these ugly faces as the character designs in my future comics. Vote for your favorites!


Here's an one-page comic from the vault. It was done seven years ago, and it's still one of my personal favorites, despite some lousy drawings in almost every panel.


on Monday, June 12, 2006

The time has come for a proper introduction... I'm an comics artist and illustrator from Croatia, and this blog is going to be updated regularly(?) with my drawings, illustrations, comics, caricatures, various art-related ramblings, theories and tributes. Most of the content will be in English, with occasional articles and comments in Croatian. Since I'm constantly struggling to learn and improve my modest drawing abilities, this blog will hopefully serve as an document of some progress of any kind.

Well, that's enough for now... enjoy the blog. I'll post some more stuff in the following two days.

... and for anybody who wonders about it, that picture above is NOT intended to be an self-portrait :-)